Las Vegas sheriff says lessons learnt from 26/11 Mumbai attack helped prevent a thousand deaths

New York: A handful of Las Vegas police officers were able to prevent 1,000 deaths after storming a hotel and killing the lone shooter, the American sheriff’s game center that had visited Mumbai to investigate the 2008 attack.

Stephen Paddock, a former wealthy accountant and high-level player, was identified by police as the man responsible for the deadliest shots in modern United States history when the first October opened fire on the victims of Mandalay By Hotel and Casino and wounding nearly 500 people, before giving the gun to herself when the police closed down.

Recalling the terrible night, Joseph Lombardo, the Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said Paddock was filming in a crowd of 22,000 spectators using powerful cannons. Lombardo said a small team of Las Vegas police – two K-9 officers, a detective and a member of the SWAT team – converged at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and a few minutes later crossed the 32-story hotel room door.

“I think they’ve avoided a thousand deaths, and I think it’s important for the American public to understand this,” Lombardo said Monday. Mumbai following the November 2008 terrorist attacks on hotels and other sites by Pakistan-based militants, Lashkar-e-Taiba, who killed 164 people, including some Americans.

The sheriff said he had discovered the trip to Mumbai, and his department now reacts more quickly to those shots, quickly forming a team to “stop the action” of the aggressor by themselves. Before being trained to form a perimeter “Sergeant Joshua Bitsko and Officer Dave Newton of K9 had trained dogs when they heard the message on the police radio an active shooter.

Newton said he saw so many guns. Many magazines. “Batteries and lots of magazines everywhere, just in suitcases piled carefully against pillars, around the room, all stacked, rifles placed everywhere, all kinds of monitors and electrical equipment that were there,” he said. Joshua said he saw shell envelopes all over the floor where Paddock stayed.

“I could feel the artillery dust that had exploded in the room, we were stumbling over guns, stumbling with long guns inside, there were so many,” he said. saying. At least 23 guns – 12 of which were equipped with bump-stocks, or rapid firing devices – were found inside the Paddock hotel room. Meanwhile, US authorities have received more than 1,000 boards, but still have trouble determining what led Paddock, who had no criminal record, to carry out the carefully planned attack. No one knows when Paddock committed suicide, but the shooting stopped shortly after the guard of the Hotel Jesús Campos and the first of Sheriff Lombardo’s officers arrived on the 32nd floor.

Smriti Irani Predicts ‘Historic Defeat’ for Congress in Gujarat Polls

New Delhi: Union Minister Smriti Irani on Monday accused Rahul Gandhi of “insulting” the people of Gujarat and said that Congress was going to suffer what she calls a “historic defeat” in the upcoming elections. meetings.

Irani’s attack on the vice president of Congress came after he scoffed at the BJP’s development model in Gujarat at his public meetings in state polls.

Gandhi’s statements confirm that he is not only anti-progressive, but also makes fun of the idea that India has developed and trained, which he has in a statement, adding that he and his party prefers to vote in the Vikas.

“The Rahul Gandhi form scoffed at the dreams and aspirations of the people of Gujarat will lead to a historic defeat of the Congress Party in parliamentary elections,” said Minister of Union of Textiles and Information and Broadcasting in a statement .

Development is not something to be ridiculed, but rather what Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat is made to insult the dreams and aspirations of 6.5 million rupees gujaratis, she said.

Gandhi should devote time to Amethi, his seat Lok Sabha, as he needs more development work, has said that, telling the people of Amethi Vikas ask as his tour by MPs mocking the Vikas.

Gujarati leaders like Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai were humiliated by the Nehru-Gandhi family, Irani said.

This trend continued when Narendra Modi, now prime minister, was the head of government of the state, while the UPA government “obstructed” the height of the Narmada dam, thus denying its benefits to peasants lakhs.

“For decades, the Congress party, and in particular the Nehru-Gandhi family, has been anti-Gujarat,” he said.

The congressional government was a “sultanate of corruption” and now the opposition party “invents stories to defame the people of Gujarat” before the elections, he said.

“The people of Gujarat will give an appropriate response to this slander and will keep this sultanate of corruption as far from them as possible,” he said.

Speaking at a demonstration in the village of Kamla in the Kheda district, Gandhi claimed that the development model of the famous Gujarat had failed.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the people of Gujarat know that the so-called Gujarat model has failed.

“If we come to power, we will extend the old Gujarat model under which cooperative societies like Amul have grown,” he said.

Congress lived in a meme of social media in Gujarat, said that “development has gone crazy,” to mock the claim of development of the BJP in the state.

The BJP in turn accused him of feeding the social media campaign and stated that people will generously reward him for his development work.

Visit by BJP Leaders to Amethi Ensure People Seeing More of Rahul Gandhi, Says Smriti Irani

Amethi: Union Minister Smriti Irani said visits by his boss and senior BJP officials allowed district residents to see more of the vice president of Congress. The Union’s Minister of Textile, Information and Broadcasting makes a two-day visit to Amethi, a constituency considered a bastion of Congress.

“In 2014, I promised the people of Amethi and the country that, through my repeated visits to Amethi, I would make sure people could see more of Rahul Gandhi,” Amethi told reporters Monday.

Gandhi’s one-day visit to Amethi last week was planned after hearing the news of BJP chief Amit Shah’s visit to horseback riding, he said. A few days after Gandhi’s visit, the Amethi cavalry is preparing for another high-profile event today, while Shah e Irani will unveil a series of projects in Amethi.

Amethi had witnessed an election battle between Gandhi and Irani during the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. Although she lost, Irani managed to reduce Congressional victory margin by about 3.70 lakh in 2009 to 1.07 lakh in 2014. She said a former congressman with 60-70 villagers joined the BJP on Monday.

“They were anxious because they had devoted their time to Congress believing that there would be a development in the state under the party, especially under the leadership of Gandhi … But because of the neglect and insult of the Congressional Workers, Amethi leaves Rahulji” , He said.

“This indicates that the person who showed dreams of development to the nation did not bring development to their own electorate. This shows that if the people of Amethi now have any party, it is the BJP,” he said.

On Gandhi’s allegations that the BJP in the Center and in Uttar Pradesh reopened UPA-initiated projects, Irani stated that, at one level, the congressional leader admitted that he used to make dreams, while the BJP had the power to to carry out social works for the public.

In the elections of UP 2017, the BJP won six of the ten seats of the Assembly in the parliamentary constituencies Amethi and Rae Bareli. Four of them were in Amethi.

Party sources said the BJP leaders’ visit was intended to send a clear message that the current dispensation believed in overall development and did not apply “tiered procedures” to any area.

Amit Shah Takes Fight for 2019 General Elections to Gandhi Bastion Amethi

Lucknow: BJP President Amit Shah will attend a large demonstration on Tuesday with Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath, Deputy Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya and Minister Union Smriti Irani.

Cabinet Minister Smriti Irani, who managed to reduce the margin of victory of Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi at his headquarters in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, has already stated qu’Amethi had lost confidence in the Gandhi group.

Irani produced a day before the mega show and said, “People have been promised a free congress of Shah Amit Amethi in 2014. During the 2017 elections, Amethi assured that Congress was expelled from the region.” Now, Rahul Gandhi of suddenly began to visit Amethi more often, but this will do him no good. ”

Rahul Gandhi was in Amethi for three days last week. The district administration had initially denied access, citing “security reasons,” but later relented.

Rahul’s visit, scheduled just before the large BJP force deployment to Amethi, was seen as an attempt to dispel accusations that the head of Congress had neglected his constituency. The visit also gained prominence after the upcoming internal polls in Congress, in which Rahul is widely advised to take the reins of the party.

The BJP’s mega show, on Tuesday, should act as a brake on the great movement in the ranks of Congress. On Tuesday it would also be CM Adityanath’s first visit to Amethi since taking office in March. Adityanath often referred to Gandhi as shehzade (scion) and vanshwad (dynast) and is planned to raise the earth again today.

A few days later, the Adityanath and Amit Shah duo, attempting to win a camp in Kerala, has launched a “Janraksha Yatra” to criticize the government of the Left State Front against its “red terror.” However, Shah left the show halfway and Adityanath’s appeal against “jihad love” and “red terror” did not attract much support.

The BJP’s two large projectiles are expected to open a series of irrigation and health care projects in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. This would be considered the BJP government development program for the pocket district of Amethi Gandhi.

Smriti Irani has often accused the Gandhi family of cheating the people of Amethi, Rae Bareli and Sultanpur. On Monday he said: “It is the BJP that delivers Even Rahul Gandhi has accepted this in a recent speech Now we have adopted Amethi and ensure its full development …”

Irani has been a strong opponent of Rahul Gandhi in the last Lok Sabha elections and the BJP has made it clear that he wanted to capture Gandhi’s fortress in 2019.

Part of the strategy is also to unite and confine Rahul Gandhi in Amethi and keep busy trying to save his family seat in 2019, so he has little time to campaign around the country during the elections for the year 2019.

Meanwhile, Shah would visit Sitapur, where also a public meeting, would also raise the cornerstone of party offices in 51 districts.

Bihar reels under unprecedented floods: People in shock, government asleep at the wheel

West Champaran: Charon aur Nadi, Third beech Marjadi [rivers on four sides and middle Marjadi] is a local saying described as the village of Marjadi. Located in the Gaunaha block in the Champaran district of the west in the north of Bihar, the village Harhoura the river to the east and west of the Ganguli River; Kathaha goes through it.

However, the ferocity of floods that nearly drowned the town on the night of 12-13 August this year left Marjadi, even prone to disaster, stunned. Around 6 pm on August 12, it began to rain a lot. The rain continued until the next morning.

“At 11 o’clock at night, there was water at the level of the chest that flowed in the village,” said Narendra Ram, a resident of Marjadi. “People panicked and ran to the rooftops of Pucca’s houses and spent the night there.” The water level in the village was more than six feet.

“All our grains stored, cattle, clothes, everything had been washed,” said Chanda Devi, who had to be rescued by his fellow villagers while the waters were out of his house. Devi was caught in flood with two small children. They were saved by the villagers as the water level passed by 6 feet.

“I was over 80 years old and I saw a lot of flooding, but the night of August 12 was just pralay.” If the Triveni downstream channel was not pierced, all our people were washed away, “said Ram Jagan, an ancient inhabitant. “Pran ke kuch nahi Ilawa Bacha Gaon contrary h [Only humans are left in the village].”

Last month, Bihar has faced huge floods because all the major rivers in northern Bihar including Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Bagmati and Kosi-rosa were flooded in the Terai region. Flooding affected 17.1 million people in 19 districts in northern Bihar, killing 514 people.

More than 73% of Bihar’s 94,163 square kilometers are prone to flooding. The problem is particularly acute in northern Bihar, where nearly 76 percent of the population, or about 50 million people, lives under the constant threat of flooding. Among them, those living along the border between India and Nepal face an additional danger: sudden unpredictable floods of rivers flowing from the Himalayas across the border.

These flash floods that regularly affect the districts of Champaran West and East, Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Araria and Kishanganj are old affairs. However, local villagers and government officials say these floods are becoming more frequent due to climate change.

“Bihar faces the effects of climate change, precipitation patterns are disturbed here, rains are followed by long periods of drought, we are facing not only more floods, but also an increase in drought,” said Vyas Ji, vice president of the Bihar Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA).

Instantaneous flooding in Bihar is beyond national attention because flood control and management is concentrated only in large rivers such as Kosi, Gandak, Bagmati, etc. But they need immediate attention because those affected by these flash floods are among the poorest in India.

The per capita income (2011-2012) in the six districts affected by the floods in northern Bihar is less than 10,000 rupees, according to the Bihar Government’s 2015-16 economic study. On the other hand, the per capita income of Patna district is 63 063 rupees.

The infant mortality rate (deaths of children under 1 year per 1,000 live births) in these six districts ranges from 48 to 60 years, according to the 2012-2013 Annual Health Survey; Technical information Bihar. Mortality of children under five (probability of children dying between birth and five years to 1,000 live births) in Sitamarhi is 97, followed by 84 in Kishanganj, Araia at 76 and 72 at Pashchim Champaran.

The average under-five mortality rate in India is 50 per 1,000 live births. These frequent disasters trap people in a seemingly endless cycle of floods, poverty, indebtedness, low living standards and other floods, according to surveys conducted by India.