Apple’s new MacBook Air now selling for Rs 53,900, iPhone 6 for Rs 23,900

Imagine, a premium reseller of Apple products in India, now sells the 2017 version of the MacBook Air for just Rs 53,900. This price is for the 128GB storage configuration. The 256GB high-end storage version of the MacBook Air is sold for as little as 69,500 Rs. Both models are currently in the Apple store in India with an MRP of Rs 77,200 and Rs 92,500 respectively. This is a substantial difference of Rs 23,300 and Rs 23,000, respectively. However, there is an opportunity.

Imagine will offer you the (heavy) discount only if you decide to make the payment using the Paytm application through cash back, which means that you must make the full payment through the Paytm application. Your refund will be reflected in your account within 24 hours, said an Imagine store manager speaking to India Today Tech. The offer appears to be an extension of the sale of the Paytm Independence Party which will end on August 15. This seems confirmed by the leader Imagine, although he has no information on when the offer will end. “It’s better if you buy the product now because we do not know if the offer will continue for a long time,” said the executive.

The offer extends to some Apple products beyond the MacBook Air. The 32GB iPhone model, for example, sells for 44,600 Rs while the 32GB iPhone model sells for Rs 23,900. While the 32GB iPhone is listed for 56,200 Rs in the Apple India store, the 32GB iPhone 6 model can be purchased for only 25,999 Rs through online channels (the device is no longer in the Apple India store ). In addition, those who purchase the products mentioned above with the Paytm application will also be eligible for an Imagine Rs 1000 gift card, the executive said.

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